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Welcome to McNet Website

This is the default installation of the Busy Noggin QuickSite (version 2.1). It is used by Busy Noggin as the base install package for the TYPO3 sites they build. The company has made this QuickSite available as a free download for those who wish to use it in their own development.

Important: Initial Setup & Skin Selection

Now that you have the QuickSite installed you will need to do a little setup. Here are those instructions. When finished be sure to change the back-end password and the install tool password.

Why another TYPO3 install package?

This QuickSite exists to provide an easy-to-install TYPO3 package that runs Busy Noggin's Framework for TemplaVoila. This framework works in conjunction with TemplaVoila (an advanced templating extension for TYPO3). The framework is itself an extension and provides special features for the content editor and a systematized workflow for the developer.

You can find out more about the QuickSite here. The full documentation for developing skins with the TemplaVoila framework can be found at


Triple Module Group


Special Features of this Site

Because it use's our Framework for TemplaVoila, this site has the the utility FCEs (Flexible Content Elements) for creating columns, modules and more. Find out how these are used at



Giving the QuickSite to Others

We ask that you not distribute this QuickSite to others from your own servers. Rather you should provide a link to This will ensure that users get the latest version and have the opportunity to sign up for news and announcements.



Ye Ole Disclaimer

This QuickSite is provided to the world free of charge and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It is your responsibility to ensure it is fit for your purposes and you use it at your own risk.

Since the QuickSite is built on TYPO3,  it is subject to TYPO3's license. TYPO3 is distributed under the GPL license. You can find out more about TYPO3 at