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About the QuickSite

We recommend you look at this video presenting an overview of the Busy Noggin QuickSite and the TemplaVoila Framework. It is a little over 6 minutes long.

Please note that this video used an early version of the framework. The current version uses a new point and click interface for managing skins which is even easier than what is shown in the video. All the other features presented in the video are consistent with the current version of the QuickSite.

HD version
Non-HD version (for lower bandwidth)

Switching Skins

Find out how to switch the skin of your site here.

If you have questions

If you need help with TYPO3 related items, you should use the normal TYPO3 channels. This includes the documentation and mailing lists. You can find out about these at This is also where you will find documentation for TemplaVoila which is a TYPO3 templating extension and is used by this QuickSite.

If you have questions regarding how this QuickSite implements TemplaVoila then you can find out more at We recommend that you subscribe to the mailing list there to be informed about updates to this QuickSite, tips on its use and other news regarding the QuickSite and its TemplaVoila framework.

Feel free to contact us with questions, but please keep in mind that we are only able to respond as our client work allows us the time to do so. Our e-mail address is You can also send suggestions for improving this QuickSIte to that address.


Why we do It

A lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into this QuickSite and its supporting documentation. Its templating approach has made it easier and quicker for us to develop sites and this is a competitive advantage for us.

So, why give it away?

Well, first of all, we do not see other TYPO3 developers as competitors so we do not mind helping them. In fact, the more companies developing in TYPO3 the better for it will mean more business for all of us.

Second, we have benefited greatly from others that have shared their code and expertise with us and we believe it is our responsibility to do the same. Sharing is at the heart of open source software in general and TYPO3 in particular. In fact, the motto of TYPO3 is "inspiring people to share."

Third, as we share our expertise, folks can see that we are competent and will consider us for projects or refer us to others.

As you can see, our motivation is generousity mixed with duty and sprinkled with a dash of self-interest.